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January 1, 2013 was the day I decided I would do my first bikini competition.
I hadn’t had a solid goal in a very long time. I was so frustrated with the way I looked.

I’ve been a trainer for 32 years and  I know weight loss and fitness. I get it right with my clients but I am my own worst client. I spend 4-5 hours a day teaching classes.  My food was good. I always eat clean but I was truly miserable with my shape.  Mushy!

I fought with the concept of hiring a coach. I kept telling myself I didn’t need one.
But, at the end of the day, Bikini competition coaching isn’t my niche. I needed eyes on me. I needed someone to be accountable to. I needed to not think and let someone else drive. I needed help, for all the reasons my clients need me.

So I hired a fabulous coach!! She set me straight immediately.
She said.. “You are starving!”
I needed more food and less training.

We cut cardio out! No more 3 hour burpee sessions. (yep.. I can do it).
More sweet potatoes!  I also started eating meat again. I was veg before I started
my prep.

Within a few weeks, I rocked that green bikini very differently. My flat muscles started
to fill out and I started to feel great!

For my show, June 29, 2013, I was only about 8 pounds lighter than January 1. I added muscle over those 26 weeks. I was very happy with my results and with my placing.

I took Second place in the Masters category.

January 1, 2013, February 2013, 3 weeks out from my show.
January 1, 2013, February 2013, 3 weeks out from my show.

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