The Aftermath

If you have never competed, this may surprise you.  It is typical to binge eat post show.
If you’ve ever been on a diet where you felt deprived and then binged, then you have a little experience with what happened to me.

I was spot on with my food for 26 weeks. I had a few slip ups along the way. My coach gave me some hard facts. Slip ups meant I might not be able to compete.  She was adamant that she would not let me get on stage if I wasn’t ready.  I took that to heart and kept my head in the game.

Post show, my marching orders were to enjoy whatever I wanted for 24 hours, then start my reverse diet.  I did that.  Until I didn’t.  I was in a bad place and I let old habits take me over.

I relaxed and ate badly!   Oh man.  I really needed a break from my routine, my meal plan and I went crazy.

I knew I’d gain weight post show. I wasn’t prepared for what my mind would do. I was rocking itty bitty clothes in the last weeks. I was buying bikini’s like it was a fire sale.
Once I started eating, it was sooooo good.. I didn’t want to stop. I was so mad at myself. My food demons came out full force.  

Again, I was not prepared.  My coach gave me the information about post competition.
What I was not prepared for was ME and how I relate to food.  It was a very rude awakening.

Good news: I sought help . Rob was very supportive and non-judgmental. I wasn’t sure I would ever be up to competing again.

Time for change:  My life is very settled. My family is amazing and I am ready to start this journey again.  I have since left my bikini team and have opted to do this project on my own. I want to learn how to create a package that will bring me a first place trophy. I have set goals for my new look. 

I’m so excited to rock this journey!

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