Weeks 12 thru 10

Weeks 12 thru 10

Began my off season prep. Week 12, 11 and 10.

I chose a show for 2014. I’ll be competing in the Southern States Classic, April 25 and 26 in Liberty, Missouri.
This is a big show so I have to come in tighter, leaner and with more muscle.

My off season prep is coinciding with our Sleek Body Method clients bikini challenge. Our clients are going through the same meal plans to lean out before the holiday.
This is my first time working with my own food. I like weekly selfies so I can be accountable, but also to see how my body changes with each meal plan change.

It was interesting that I was able to shred by eating sweet potatoes.  I’m not able to function on no carb.  I burn about 1000 calories, just walking around my studio training. As was proven before.. I need food. I’m eating 6-7 meals a day.

My biggest struggles with my new plan is getting all my protein in. Discipline!

Goals:  I am working to add more muscle in the next several months. I noticed that 3 weeks out from my last show, I really liked my shape. The last few weeks included more HIIT and track workouts and while I came in leaner than I have ever been, I lost quite a bit of muscle.   My hope is that I can pack it on so when it comes time to shred, I will have some left!

Pic one is 7 weeks from my show. Pic 2 is 3 weeks out.
Pic one is 7 weeks from my show. Pic 2 is 3 weeks out.

I refuse to use the words “It’s my age”.  I have always had trouble maintaining my muscle. I know my body and have to push harder.

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