Motivation Monday: What will you gain?

What will you gain?
When you are on a plan, path or journey, it’s hard. Sometimes easier to say “screw it” and eat what you want. I know old habits and old voices in your head can tell you that you can’t have what you want. Whatever that is.

You may not want what I want. But YOU know what you are looking for. And I  know when you get it, everything you sacrificed will be worth it.

Being fit  is now NOT normal.  With over 60 percent of the population overweight/obese, those of us who choose this lifestyle are going to be met with adversity. Anytime you go against the norm there is blow back.

Where do you feel it?  Is it when you aren’t drinking socially?  Is it because you pack and bring your food with you?  Is it because you train after work instead of going to happy hour?

The hard facts are this, when you cheat on your plan, you cheat yourself.  It does matter. When you plan to train in the morning and you skip, YOU didn’t do what you said you would. When you  say you are going to be accountable to your trainer, and yourself, BE accountable.

Let’s turn that around.  Every single day you have the opportunity to create exactly what you want. Every workout you hit, every great food day is a success.  Stringing together lots of little successes are how you reach your goals.

No one  is perfect.  Aren’t reset buttons great? I have at least one reset a week!!   Push it. Move on and be on your program.  We win because we never stop trying, no matter what! xoxo

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