21 days into my off season training results

My results with my meal plans and supplement stacks.
My results with my meal plans and supplement stacks. This is just 21 days.

I’m finishing my meal plan for week 9.  I am 9 weeks from my challenge goal date of December 23. No show on that day, this is when our bikini challenge at my studio ends..
So actually this is 21 days into my program.  I am eating over 140 carbs a day-more on my leg days. Right now, I don’t see myself  cutting carbs at all.  My goal is to eat as many clean carbs as I can and still continue to see results.

I have had at least 1 cheat meal each week. I have had cupcakes 2 weeks in a row.
I didn’t this past weekend for my cheat meal. I was not feeling well after I had one at my cheat meal day 15.  I’m not craving, jonesing, tweaking, twerking or anything for crappy food right now.  That’s a great place for me, since I’m a closet binger. I am sooo much more focused when I have accountability and a goal.

I have stayed on my meal plan spot on this week except for 2 days when I did not get all my protein in.  One of my days I did not get all my water in. I’m aiming for 100 ounces daily.
Supplement changes
I am loading creatine right now and had a few days where I felt some bloat, but today, I actually didn’t feel bloated at all!  Hopefully I won’t have a big issue with it overall..  When I started prepping for my June show back in January 2013, my coach put me on Kre-Alkalyn Efx. I had great results with it.  Since I have 27 weeks until the show, I wanted to try AlphaCreHD. I’m taking 1 scoop before my workout with 1/2 scoop of C4.  One scoop of AlphaCreHd 8 hours later.  So far, I’m really feeling good in my workouts and liking the results.

I’m documenting my supplements (all of them.. so many.. sooooo many!! ) and referencing them with my weekly meal plan changes and selfies.   I’m the queen of over thinking, but that’s how I learn.

Workouts are the same as my clients thus far.
Monday: Glutes-hamstrings.
Tuesday: Back-biceps
Wednesday: Plyo (sometimes plus Quads/calves) This week was straight plyo for 30 minutes and nothing else.
Thursday: Chest-shoulders-triceps
Friday: Pilates I did three hours of pilates today. Two hours on the springboards and 1 hour on the mat.
I do not recommend 3 hours of pilates but that’s my job.  Clients who came, got 1 hour.
Saturday/Sunday: Rest for me this week.

So far, feeling good. Cheat meal on Saturday night. whoo hoo.
Tell me how your program is going!!

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