4 week progress update

Not every week is perfect.
Not every week is perfect.

I am 4 weeks into my off season training. My challenge goal of December 23, is just 8 weeks away.
This week was a mixed bag.

I got all my workouts in. I lifted really heavy and really hard.
Gave my booty some extra push this week.
Food was spot on.
Water great.
Supplements… Check.
I felt really strong this week. Love, love that!

Not so great:
My cheat meal on Saturday messed me up. I did NOT feel well!
I felt like I was coming down with a cold this week, which I did not. Bullet dodged!
I’m doing some different things with my supplements. I tried to take Pro-sculpt twice a day (as per the label)
I also started Mega Ignite which is the product recommended with Prosculpt. I had some rough panic/mood issues. I
I know, consider yourself lucky you weren’t around. I dialed that back immediately!

I’m also crazy bloated! Jury is still out on why. Is it the Creatine monohydrate or salt, or just me. hmmmm.

I didn’t sleep well, but let’s be honest. I don’t usually. In my last show, I got to a point where my gains were really slowing down. One night I slept 9 hours and my abs came in! I know sleep is probably one of my biggest hurdles.

I think I look super puffy today. I’m pressing on. Not every week is going to be perfect. Looking for some great strides in the coming. Re-thinking my cheat meal for sure!

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