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STAY fit. Getting back on track is so frustrating!
STAY fit. Getting back on track is so frustrating!

Have you ever lost weight and gained it back?
Have you ever started a program, saw results then quit because your results came to a screeching halt?
Have you ever been discouraged in your workouts and wanted to give up?

You are truly not alone!
In fact, I hear stories like this every single day.

When I meet a client for the first time, I get to learn about their successes but more importantly where they feel they’ve failed.
Each time a client attempts to get fit/lose weight and fails is detrimental to their mental well being. A person can only falter so many times before they simply give up. My main goal as a trainer is to help this person to never need to start over again.

Let’s look at some useful ways to keep yourself on track.

Set a long term goal:
Be precise and make it tangible. Tangible goals are something you can feel with your senses.
‘I want to lose some weight’ is not tangible.
‘I want to lose one pants size by Christmas.’ is solid. S

Define how you will achieve this
Your plan of action should be realistic and involve short term goals.
Example: 1. I will prep my meals on Sunday. 2. I will pack my meals the night before
for work the next day. 3. I will train Monday thru Thursday after work.

Without goals we have no bench marks! Start there for amazing results. You can also find the places
that you struggle and readjust your plan of action. No one is perfect! This is a journey so use it as
a learning experience.

Self motivation:

It would be great if we had Jillian Michaels keeping us in line, but at the end of the day, YOU have to be the one who
does the work. Try these self-motivators and see if they help.

Weekly Selfies

Not everyone does selfies, but they certainly do tell a story. You do not have to be an Instagram lover to benefit from
the selfie collage. Each week you can see how your body is changing. Documenting that change will help you make decisions
on where you are going. I post mine for accountability. Many people use social media to keep them accountable.

Create a Pinterest board of motivation. If you don’t wish to share it you can build a ‘secret’ board for just you.Knowing that not everyone is motivated by fitness models in bikini’s, you can pin exactly what gets you in line.

Eliminate negativity: Social media can be negative or positive. Surround yourself with communities of like minded people. is an excellent resource as is This is not the time to be an island! If you enjoy being with people, also find a group to train with. Our studio has an amazing community AND a facebook forum. Fitness communities are very popular.You don’t not have to join Crossfit, there are programs for every style of training.

Learn the art of Faux drinking
So many times, we hear that our clients derailed because there was alcohol. You already know that alcohol lowers inhibitions and pretty much offers a giant does of #F*ItAll. I’ve seen people throw away months of hard work and results for a weekend binge. Did you know that when you drink, clients typically make bad food choices for at least the next 24 hours. I’ve yet to have one client tell me it was worth it. Why they often derail is because others get all judgy when they opt not to drink.

“You USED to be fun when you drank!”

Our clients use Faux drinking to combat this. No one really *needs* to know that you are on a program. Start at the bar yourself and get club soda with lime in a clear glass. You can still be fun while you are omitting the fact that you are not drinking Vodka Club. Face it, a tall glass of water is a big downer. Faux drinking can work if you chose to make it fun and YOUR choice.

Being a fit girl (or guy) is a journey and a lifestyle. Of course, it isn’t easy. Sometimes we have to hit that reset button. Be assured though, that little slip ups are normal and you can bounce back. Never quit. We never give up!

If you need help with your meal plans or motivation, contact me here or at my website,

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