Stop colds and flu in their tracks

Sambucol keeps colds at bay.
Sambucol keeps colds at bay.

Colds and flu season is here. I own a fitness center and that’s a breeding ground for germs. I spent many of my years with an ongoing cold. Bleh. Now, I’m not a doctor but this protocol has kept me healthy for many years. I do everything I can to ward off illness and I understand that if I do get sick.. sadly, it was simply meant to be.

Smart ways to ward off colds and flu:

1. Eat well.

I do not eat fast food. When our family ate fast food, we were sick constantly. I had a cold for a full year. Once I dropped all fast food, I stopped getting sick! I, personally do not eat sugar treats when I’m sick. I feel sugar weakens my immune system. I notice it immediately if I eat too much. That may not be the same for everyone but I am very in tune to my system.

I focus on nutrition so I stay well! I work very hard to have solid nutrient dense foods each day. In fact.. I mostly eat food with  an A rating from “my net diary ” tracker/scanner. Just because I am IIFYM I had a goal to really stay healthy. Not everyone feels the same and off season is not as strict. I stayed healthy!  I know my body!

The proper micronutrients; Solid nutrition! I have always taken greens and believe in proper supplementation to assist my immune system!  I love the Juice plus Trio!

From JP website;

With widespread flu outbreaks across the United States, immune system support is increasingly crucial to maintain your health throughout flu season, which peaks in mid-February and can last through April. While exercise and sleep are essential to flu prevention, it is also important to have a healthy and consistent diet rich in nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

Juice Plus+ utilizes nutrients from 17 different fruits, vegetables, and grains to help boost immune systems and reduce common cold symptoms. Regular consumption of Juice Plus+ capsules or chewables provides the body with a mixture of nutrients that support key immune system functions and strengthen the body against the cold and flu viruses. This has been proven through a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, which supports Juice Plus+ as a tried and true addition to your daily regimen and overall immune system support.

Pharmacist and Author Jim Morelli is also one of many advocates of Juice Plus+ as a dependable and effective aid to immune system support. Morelli has become a highly successful broadcast television personality armed with a substantial knowledge in the realm of physical wellness. In a recent broadcast segment, see the video below, Morelli provided advice to prevent cold and flu infection during the busiest flu season of the year. Morelli emphasized, “increase your fruit and vegetable intake, that really is the key to overall optimal health and an easy way to do that is with Juice Plus+.  You can order or learn more here!!


Variety: Sports nutrition 101 asks that we eat at least 35 different foods per week. In past cookie cutter preps, my foods were limited to the same 8 bro foods. My only veg for weeks was spinach. I had many problems from too much of one thing! I am mindful to use different veggies to balance my diet!

Fats: In my 2014 prep, I had about 10g fat per day for the whole 16 weeks..I was on a bro cookie cutter plan . During that prep, I got a terrible respritory infection and on the tail end of that, because of my weakened immune system, I got two eye diseases. I lost 35% vision in one eye. My doctor did my blood work and demanded I stop prep and get my HDL’s into a normal range.  I spent months trying to rehab my immune system from that prep. I was on massive doses of medication for over 6 months. Recovery was slow. My vision returned with solid nutrition and time.

I refuse to sacrifice my health for bikini competition. My fats come from super foods like Cocoa nibs, flax, chia, yolks . At my lowest for prep I was at 18% in my last week. I felt great. We need fats in our diet!

I was told by a nutrition guru that Israeli pilots use Sambucol to stop colds and flu. Pilots are grounded until they are well, usually two days. The Elderberry encapsulates the virus and ushers it out of your body. That was a good enough explanation for me. I did a little research and found the NaturalPedia’s page on Elderbery

From “the naturalpedia” “Commonly used to fight the flu, hay fever, colds, and coughs, a compound found in elderberry flowers and berries prevents viruses from invading the respiratory system. An article in Pediatric News in 1997 praised elderberry for its flu-fighting abilities. So, if you’re feeling slightly ill or if you have a full-blown cold, drink three cups of elderberry tea per day for a couple of days. The tea, especially good if mixed with yarrow or peppermint, should have you feeling better. Or take two 500-milligram capsules per day for up to four days.”
– Brenda Adderly, The Complete Guide to Nutritional Supplements: Everything You Need to Make Informed Choices for Optimum Health (Get the book.)

When I begin to feel the first inklings of a cold, I start my protocol of sugar free Sambucol syrup. I take one tablespoon every 4 hours and I’m usually over it by the third dose. I have a stash of Sambucol chewables all over the place. Just in case.

As part of my protocol I also use Airborne chewables. Four chewables have 1,000 mg of Vitamin C. It’s also high in Antioxidants (Vitamin A, C & E) and an excellent Source of Zinc & Selenium. Add to that 350 mg of Herbal Blend including Echinacea & Ginger. Woot.

Now.. Airborne just came out with the chewable gummies. 3 gummies have 9 grams of sugar. That is 2 teaspoons of sugar! You can take them up to 4 times a day.That’s a lot of extra sugar so be mindful for your meal plan. The regular chewables have less sugar.

Apple Cider Vinegar
I also like to take 1 Tablespoon of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. ACV is a heavy hitter in all kinds of holistic remedies. We use it for sore throats too. If you want fascinating reading, hit Pinterest for Apple Cider Vinegar remedies! ❤

As soon as you begin to feel a cold coming on begin with
Sambucol (per the label)
Airborne (per the label)
1 Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar

Repeat every 4 hours, until you feel better.


Legend tells of French grave robbers who fashioned this oil to protect them from
illness while they robbed.. graves!!   There are so many uses for thieves oil to purify the air and keep your family well.
1. I gargle with a few drops of this each day. It gets into your sinus and membranes.
2. Put a few drops on the bottoms of your feet! Or your kids, or your hubs.. keep your household healthy!!
3. Diffuse it into the air!!
 Google this!! Seriously.. It cannot hurt!! Right!!

I order from my bestie
And there are so many other essential oils you can benefit from. Check it out.
There are also ON Guard products for your home.
If you shop elsewhere..don’t get a random thieves oil because some are not made to injest.

I put a drop in the dish water and also use it to clean my counters.  It smells like cloves and oranges.

Where to find these items:

Sambucol syrup is available on but Wal-mart and Walgreens have the chewable ones.
Chewable Airborne is found at Target, Walgreens. The grocery stores tend to have the ones you put in water.
Costco has giant bottles of Airborne at great prices.
Braggs ACV is available at most grocery stores with the vinegars and salad dressings.

Skip the soda, go straight water or water with lemon. Orange juice is a super comfort food, but it’s very high in sugar! Hydrate your body with lots of water.

Final thoughts!!! Listen to your body

If you are feeling ill, listen to your body! If your body wants rest, you must comply! If you still feel well enough to train, please stay out of the gym. A great option is pilates. Pilates practice helps make the immune system stronger. For more on this fascinating story, check out how Joe Pilates system saved his clients from an epidemic! We can all benefit from pilates!

I always up my pilates when I’m feeling under the weather.

Many people swear by ‘sweating it out’ and I don’t holistically disagree, however, be a good neighbor and do it at home. Your fellow gym mates will appreciate it!!

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  1. I had trouble finding Bragg’s in grocery stores here (Kansas City), but all the health food and vitamin stores (like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and so on) seemed to carry it.

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