Photo update 24 weeks from show.

60 days progress.
60 days progress.

I am exactly 24 weeks from my show. I think I didn’t count the weeks correctly on my last blog post.
I am 6 weeks from our bikini challenge goal date. *

This week has been great! Super hard. By Friday, I’m exhausted. We lifted really heavy all week.
In two months, I’ve lost about 5 pounds which is great, because I lost 3 this week. LOL
I’m still feeling like I’m bloaty from my creatine but I’m getting used to it.

My glute workout is helping. My pants aren’t fitting. I have to make huge gains in my lower body so I’m feeling
really good for being 24 weeks from my show.

30 days difference.
30 days difference.

Hey! I like these results. I’m trying to add lean muscle and I am, for sure, seeing more fullness in my muscles.
So far so good.

I’m off to Nashville for the weekend.
Enjoy yours!

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