Wednesday’s Plyo made me cry

Box jumping
Box jumping with my friend, Jen

“Plyometrics is also known as “jump training” or “plyo”. Plyometrics are drills based around having muscles exert maximum force in as short a time as possible, with the goal of increasing both speed and power. This training focuses on learning to move from a muscle extension to a contraction in a rapid or “explosive” way, for example with specialized repeated jumping.”

Why? Plyo builds lean muscle. I need it to lean out my legs. It’s great for your heart and lungs.
Since I’m in my off season, I don’t do as much standard cardio. Plyo is perfect for creating tight lower bodies.

I do my plyo workout with my team at Sleek on Wednesdays. I try to come in prepared but I’m not a fan of plyo at all.
I’m pretty lucky they do it with me willingly. I think we all agree, training with others makes it easier not to quit.
The saying “That which doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger” is spot on. It’s mental for me.
I always feel like the first part of the work out is being done in wet cement. My pre-workout kicks in
and then game on. Some of my clients beat my time and that’s ok with me. I’m pushing as hard as I can.

Today’s workout was crazy.

I started with 10 reps of each move for round 1. Round two, 9 reps. I did this all the way down
to 1 rep of each. That’s 440 reps. There were 55 of each move. I finished in 33 minutes.

I won’t lie. I had to lie down in between rounds. My heart rate was high so I wanted it to drop to give
an interval aspect to my workout.
The worst for me today were the Get ups/Get Downs. I had to cry. So weird when that happens. I got over it, but
I’m very sure that it was more of a stress/pressure release than not wanting to finish. Just one of those weird things.

See how you do with your time!

How to: Complete round 1 by doing 10 reps of each.
Round two: 9 reps of each.
Round three 8 reps of each ETC…

1. Box jumps
2. Wall ball, squat to jump shot (stay back from the wall, aim high, close to the ceiling when you shoot.)
3. Get up/get down. Alternate rounds starting from either your belly or your back. Lie down flat, get up! Remember to jump when you get up!
4. Med Ball side power squats. Hold your ball at chest level, power squat right/left while tossing the ball up and catching it. R/L equals 1 rep.
5. Mountain Climber sprints. Count each leg as 1 rep.
6. Alternating split lunges aka Flying scissors. Each leg is 1 rep.
7. Burpees. Remember you MUST jump at the end.
8. Frog jumps: jump forward touch the ground, jump back touch the ground. That’s 1 rep.

Here’s my spotify playlist for this workout

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