Thigh Gap Gate: Your thighs are ruining my clothing options

Oh Lawdy, LuluLemon got themselves in a pickle when owner/CEO, Chip Wilson basically said Lululemon pants can’t accommodate ample thighs because it causes pressure on the fabric. So now there is eruption of negativity against this company. Eruption over the fact that a man who makes yoga pants prefers to make them for “skinny girls”.

Here are a couple things. This man is a DBag. He shouldn’t speak. I’d boycott him for simply being a moron. Isn’t there someone else who might be more qualified to represent his company to … women??
I actually don’t doubt at all that he likes women with tight bodies wearing yoga pants. Many men (and women) do. Fabric is tricky, y’all!! *rolls eyes*

However, I’m a bit confused on the negative energy pushed out over this. I don’t recall seeing quotes that he only wants women with thigh gaps to wear his clothes. In Lululemon’s defense, their sizing goes up to a 12. Lulu’s run about 1 size bigger. I’m a size 8 and I rock 6 in Lulu. Therefore a size 12 could possibly fit a size 14 woman. I witnessed with my own eyes, women of all sizes wearing Lululemon pants while in their Nashville location. The store was not filled with size zero girls as you might imagine.

Just, as a comparison, Victoria’s Secret VSX has similar sizing.
Both are great lines. One has the sense to market without insulting. I hope you aren’t insulted by hot women working out..

Lulu-haters are crying out, ditching the brand saying they don’t want to buy from a company that caters only to girls with the thigh gap. If you don’t know what the thigh gap is, here is a picture.

thigh gap girl
Who are these thigh gap girls that are making everyone so crazed?

Thigh gap girls are their own entity. They post ‘thigh gap’ pics on Pinterest. Thigh
gap is caused by loss of muscle. In my industry we shudder and call these girls
“skinny fat.” I want to help them!

I always say these girls are living ‘real housewives’ style. They drink their calories and nibble on food. They look skinny in clothes but holy cow, naked is another story.

When you are ‘skinny fat’ you basically have bones, a little muscle (because you starved and used it all up as energy) and a squishy layer of fat. Fat is stored because
your body thinks it starving. Extreme cases lead to anorexia.

Typically, when I see a skinny fat client, she complains that she can’t lose her gut, or her booty is saggy. Well.. of course it is. Fat is lumpy. Even in a cute pair of Lulu’s you are going to look lumpy, because your body is lumpy.

If you are rolling, ‘real housewives style’, you are going to have a painfully slow metabolism. You eat very little so your body will not burn very fast to preserve your resources. When you eat a little more food, you will store that! Survival!!! So now
you have to up your cardio and eat less (see anorexia). Along with your thigh gap, you get a case of metabolic damage. Pants are the least of your worries now.

Real women’s thighs rub together. I’m empowered!

I saw a blog stating that “ I’m a real woman and my thighs rub together”. Here’s where I get surly. That’s not the mantra that makes sense. Just as much as thigh gap is not healthy, neither is excess body fat. Being overweight brings its own risks that have nothing to do with yoga pants options. Being ‘real’ doesn’t mean you don’t want lean, tight legs or to be able to rock whatever clothes you want, from whatever store you want.

I’m alarmed more by the fact that we are on our way to a 70 percent overweight/obesity rate and yet people are angered by a dufus who makes pants for customers size 14 and under. I can tell you for a fact that there are lots of fitness clothiers who make items in ONE SIZE that don’t fit me. I’m a size 8 but I’m not “THAT SIZE”.

The real conversation that we should be having is not about boycotting a doucher who makes yoga pants. Who cares? Buy them, don’t buy them. How about we start a conversation about boycotting companies that add High Fructose Corn Syrup to everything they make. Let’s talk about getting control of our own food and being the fittest, healthiest individuals we can be. After that, we can talk about the steps we can take to end the epidemic of obesity. When we are done with that, let’s reach out to our teenagers and show them positive ways to have fit healthy bodies with healthy body images!

What if.. we could focus that crazy force of energy even just to “be” examples of positivity in places that could make a difference. That’s energy well spent!

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