Train like it’s your job

Brought my best to this workout.
Brought my best to this workout.

This past week had it’s ups and downs. Last Sunday, we hit the track for a series of 50’s and 100 yard sprints.
Felt pretty good at the time. Monday I was hurting. I had to take 2 full days off training this week. I
just didn’t feel great all week. Did the best I could.. you know how that goes.

Saturday was leg day and I really got a good 2 hour lift in. I upped my leg press weight.
I did 4 sets at 320 and 2 full sets at 370 pounds. I might have done more, had I been able to
get on the leg press machine earlier in my workout instead of last. Two dudes held it captive for 1 full hour. Has that ever happened to you?
Too much talking, no lifting. Come on!!

I watched the old movie, PUMPING IRON on my Ipad last night. I had forgotten so much of that
movie. I’m such a geek. I came up in the industry in the 80’s in these old school gyms, with
bodybuilders like these guys. They did not mess around. Every workout, they train like it’s their job.
I get it!

Today I came back with 25 minutes of HIIT on the stepmill.
Hit chest, shoulders, triceps and some finishers on my back work for the week.
I lifted heavier than I ever have before. I had great energy. My stack was perfect.

This is a holiday week and I intend to lift hard, Mon-Wed. We leave for Chicago, Thursday and I
am excited to have some family time.

Have a great week! Bring YOUR best! xoxo

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