Holiday week update

This past week was a little crazy since Thanksgiving was Thursday.
I got all my hard training done Sunday-Wednesday so I could take Thursday off.
Our family traveled to Chicago for the weekend. It was really fun. This was
the first year we didn’t have the traditional family get together. We all said
“Thumbs UP!”

On Friday, I wasn’t feeling great, but Rob and I worked out at the hotel.
Marriott Suites has a really good gym. I did treadmill sprints for 20 minutes
on incline 15 at 5 mph. I really, really stink at running. Don’t judge. I’m not fast.

After that I hit my back and biceps.

New shoes for the stage
New shoes for the stage

We like to shop at “The Alley” in Chicago on Clark off of Belmont. They have a little
naught girl shop called Taboo Tabou just around the corner. Up on the top shelf I saw
these awesome shoes for my competition. Super random find. They only had a pair in my size.
Totally fate!

I will be back in the gym hard on Monday.

I’ve got my new lifting belt and my gym bag is packed. Tomorrow, I rock it out. Rested and ready.

Have a great week! How is your program going??

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  1. I LOVE THOSE SHOES! THEY WILL LOOK AMAZING! (Ok I’m done with all caps) I love reading your posts! They have so much great information.

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