Motivation Monday: How High is your ladder?

Arnold says "You can't climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets."
Arnold says “You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.”

When I was twelve years old, I wanted to buy a 10-speed bicycle.
It was really cool and it cost 100 dollars! I babysat 40 hours a week
and made 10 dollars. At the end of the summer I had enough to buy it. That
bike was all I thought about all summer. My goal had been met, with
great reward.

Throughout my life, I have always set goals and went for them.
I’m probably a lot like you. It’s pretty simple. If you want something, go get it.

Here’s my concern. I’m a do-er. I don’t do anything ‘small’.
However, I realized a few years ago, that I always set goals
inside my comfort zone. Losing 50 pounds after each baby is really hard.
But it wasn’t out of my comfort zone.

It wasn’t until Rob and I did the Insanity program and blogged it that I realized
my ladder was never high enough. The mental act of completing that project was excruciating.
My goal was no longer to have a bangin body, it was to simply finish it! That taught
me a great lesson. While I really dislike getting out of my comfort zone, I NEED to.
Every time I tackle something that upon first glance, makes me want to crawl under the covers
I end up coming out on the other side much better off.

When it came time to move into our own space at Sleek Body, I did not want to take the
jump. My choices at the time were, 1. quit and drop all the clients we had or 2. do it.
I was leaning heavily toward the first choice. I thought of all the reasons why it would be
terrible. Owning your own business is really hard. This is our second one. I swore I’d never do
it again. I spent a lot of time nauseous. Even after we went forward, I still wondered if this
was the right decision. Believe me, this is miles outside my comfort zone.

Now, I know that while it was again, excruciating, I have come out better for it on the other side for
so many reasons. My perspective, and life have changed again for the better.
Again, the lesson taught here was more mental. My ladder rungs went up higher than they’ve
ever been before.

I believe that for many people, training, eating right or just starting might seem like giant ladder.
Comfort zones are unique but worth breaking free of.
Whatever your goals are start your climb! Make your ladder just a bit higher and hold on tight. I believe in you.
You can do it!