Metabolic Finishers

So in our Wednesday workouts at Sleek, we added a cool metabolic circuit. These girls in the video have completed almost a full 3 months of hard training in our Bikini Challenge. We are pushing it hard in the last 2 weeks. The drills are set for 20/10 and we did 2 8 minute rounds. We followed up with leg finishers. This workout combines plyo, and believe me, it’s hard. I really liked it. It’s not too mind numbing. I have a little Exercise ADD so moving stations is great.
We did
1. Burpee to dead with the curl bar. Make sure you stabilze yourself before you hit that burpee. The hardest part of this drill is the instability. Core city. Definitely an advanced move.
2. Med Ball knee hits. Hold that ball and hit it with each knee. If your back is talking to you.. stop! These are super hard.
3. KettleBell swings. I used less weight because I added a speed component. Some of the clients slowed it down to keep form in check.
4. RIP60 plyo jumps . I did double hops over the sandbags. Some of the girls did single leg up and overs.
5. RIP60 flying scissors: Bust them hard and fast.
6. Side approach double wave then shuffle: Two ropes for the price of one. Shuffle fast!
7. Mt. Climbers: who doesn’t love those.

I did about 500 calories for the hour. My additional workout at the gym and just demonstrating for this class brought me up to 1200 calories burned before noon.
Looks like I need to eat eat!! Have a great day!

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