20 Weeks out: Mixed bag

Ok.. My off season is still going on for another 2 months. Whew.
To keep things honest, I’m struggling..  I am not
at all used to the building phase and I feel super mushy and bloatedy. We were in Chicago for the holiday. That was positively exactly what I needed.  I brought a lot of
my food but we ate out for 3 days. I was more lax in my food but I did not
have any dairy or fried foods.  I got lots of rest and that was wonderful.

I believe that a lot of competitors are tiny and lean to begin with.
I see them post pics at the beginning of their prep and they are already
ripped out! I’ve never been tiny! haha
I’m about 13 pounds over what I hope is my new stage weight.
I hope to come in leaner and tighter so we’ll see.
This sport takes a lot of patience and will power.
I am resisting the urge to try to lean out  right now, because I know I need to build.
So I’ll bright side this.
I’m pretty happy with my muscle gains over the last month and over the last 2 is
much better than I had in my first show.  I’m going to keep working. My lower body
will get there.  Edit: The first pic if from 10/9.

Muscles are growing.
Muscles are growing.

Carbs, Carbs…
I’ve added more clean carbs to my meal plan because I burn so much in my job along with my workouts.
Here’s to oats and sweet potatoes.

I’m pretty excited that this week, my leg press was 430 pounds for 4 sets.
My lifts are so much heavier than in my last prep.
Here’s one of my favorite moves.
What’s funny is that we had to film this 5 times because I kept falling over. That 45 is heavy, sister. I use the step under my front foot to give more range of motion.
This was shot in October. 🙂

Have a great weekend, xoxoxo

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