The number 1 anti aging remedy


Everyone wants to look and feel  younger.  The anti-aging industry, much like the weight loss industry is  a giant money maker.  Dr. Oz boasts a new pill, cream or remedy nearly every day of the week.  Bear in mind that “Dr. Oz” gets a check.
Let’s talk science!

Strength training is the fountain of youth. 
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In a year long Tufts University study, Dr. Miriam Nelson found that participants who did a forty minute strength training session just twice a week garnered these results.

1. More confidence
2. Increased their metabolism by as much as 15%.
3. Lost 44% more weight than participants who dieted only.
4. Looked and felt 15-20 years younger.
5.Were able to repair bone density and reverse the damage of bone loss.

In our 30’s, we begin to lose bone density and muscle tissue. That is bad!
We have learned that the more muscle we have, the faster our metabolism is.  Strength training burns body fat and builds lean, efficient muscle tissue.  If left to our own sedentary selves, we could feasibly end up at age 70,with as much lean muscle in our WHOLE body as we currently have in our upper thigh.

Supple muscle and bone density are currency for youth. When you lift heavy, you over load the muscle. You must over load the muscle for it to grow. This is NOT the time for light weights.  No pink weights. Not here!  For our clients, we like to have them
lift at about 80 % percent of their 1 rep max.  If you are not sure how much that is, do not fret. If you are lifting a weight that is difficult while doing 6-8 reps, you are spot on.

What about my bone density?   Strength training helps build bone density and is preventative against osteoporosis. Simply put, when we lift heavy, we create little shards of bone. The bone repairs itself and it becomes stronger. The alarming thing about osteoporosis is that symptoms may not manifest until years later! The time to begin a program is immediately!

Strong backs equal youthfulness.
In my pilates practice,  we understand that our backs can determine if we are young or old.  A 25 year old with  a bad back is old. A 70 year old with a strong back is young. If you are vital and able to do more, you are  young no matter what your chronological  age.

Inactivity  leads to muscle waste. That’s a pathway to back injuries.
Here’s why.
If one muscle group is weaker, the opposing muscle group will try to take over for it.
Example: If your abdominals (core muscles) are very weak and you try to lift something heavy, you will notice that your back will kick in to do the work . Ouch!

We find many of our injuries happen in the simplest of motion.
I had a client who loved to entertain. However, her core was so weak, she was  not able to clean her house. I helped her develop strong abs so that the forward bend and twisting motion of vacuuming her carpets no longer became a potential injury.

She became younger because she became more mobile. She was 68 years old.

Having tight, lean sexy bodies is a by product of lifting for health. Being healthy is the least selfish thing we can do. Staying young means different things to different people. However, we KNOW that our bodies thrive when pushed to change. The good news is that you can build up to 105 percent of your  muscle well into your 70’s! It’s never too late
to start!

I encourage you to share this information with those you love. Help them to begin a strength training program. We must be advocates for our sisters.  If you need recommendations, please let me know. I’m happy to help. xoxo

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