Green Shake and Prep update

My security blanket is my green shake.
My security blanket is my green shake.

It’s game time! Prep is on! I’m on my leaning meal plan now and I’m ready to see what all that muscle I’ve been putting on
will look like come show time!
I’m about 13.5 weeks from my show, and I’m setting up to drop 1.5 pounds a week. We’ll use that as a starting point and see how
I’m doing closer to the show. This time, I want to come in leaner than my last show, so I’m working on my diet quite a bit differently.
I’m sticking to my macros and measuring everything I eat.

One of the things that helps me is my green shake. I don’t actually enjoy vegetables so I do a shake everyday with about 6 cups of spinach
and cytogreens for athletes. I feel amazing when I drink this. My video will tell you how I do it!

My Bikini
My bikini has been selected! I’m going for a very different package this time and my suit is going to be so beautiful!
I’m working with again. They are super nice and are going to make some tweaks for me to get the suit just perfect.
It’s so hard to choose a suit! I don’t think I will ever not get a new suit for each show. It’s one of my favorite things about
the sport. Shopping. I say, bikini competitions are the “new wedding”. You get to pick out a very expensive outfit you’ll probably never wear
again. You get to shop for sexy shoes, jewelry, hair, makeup and of course you are going to pick out all the food you will eat when your show is done.


Since last week was impossible to make the gym because of the Polar Vortex, I did a lot of at home workouts. I’m so happy to be
back on schedule now. I am on track lifting and metabolic work. This week’s Plyo was a huge success. We bought a half cage and 300 pounds of plates for our studio so I can do a little more work at Sleek and cut my gym trips shorter.
I had a great PR this week on my Leg Press. I did 4 sets of 8 at 470 pounds. In November, I was at 370 pounds. I’m squatting around 100 pounds, which is very hard for me. VERY. I’ve also adding in thrusting and that is a burn like nothing I’ve ever had. I did 85 pounds for 60 reps. I’m excited to get some glut activation! Whoohoo!

New Squat Rack! It's on!
New Squat Rack! It’s on!

Hope you have an awesome week!!
Keep pushing!!

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