11.5 weeks out

I do the stack on the outer thigh machine. woot
I do the stack on the outer thigh machine. woot

Quick progress update for my prep. I am 11 .5 weeks out.
The last two weeks have been weird. I have held about 5 pounds of water. So much water it was
painful. I had just started to see the scale move in the right direction so besides bloated, I was
feeling pretty frustrated. This week though, I lost the 5 pounds plus 1 more so that’s good news.
I’ve made some changes in my meal plan. I’ve upped my protein quite a bit. I have such a hard time
holding on to my muscle. I have to preserve it!!

Sunday it was 60 degrees and I hit the track with my friends. It’s not essentially
track time yet for me, but this was such a strange warm day, it was impossible to pass up.

Our workout was
11 hundred yard sprints
11 fifties walking.
We finished with a solid 200 sprint

Last summer, track was excruciating for me. I have never run that fast, but I figure that the only thing
that matters is I give 100 percent. I was never able to do this many sprints on track day last prep.
I was lucky to get 8 fifties.This workout was really hard, but I felt much more solid in the sprints than ever before. I believe it’s my supplements.
Creatine and BA are my holy grail. I didn’t even C4 before this workout.

I was extremely proud of my accomplishment. This is from someone who hated gym class in grade school.

That night, I slept 11 hours and woke up feeling fantastic. I rarely sleep so I feel like I was rejuvenated!
My leg workout was perfect. I hit new PR with my girls. I thrusted 125 and squatted 105. I worked the Abductor machine
out! 290 with the stack plus the extra 15 pounds added you can’t see in the pic.. I’m on a glut mission!

So goals this week are:
More green vegetables.
Dialing my calorie burn back at Sleek. Less doing more instructing.

This weekend I’m going to posing college in Columbia with Rob. I’m pretty excited.
Leaving town for a day sounds great. I have my 6 pack cooler ready to go.

That will do it!
Have a great night!

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