Fueling vs starving

Adding the right nutrients to her meal plan helped fill out her muscles!
Adding the right nutrients to her meal plan helped fill out her muscles!

When clients come to me, most of them ask for help losing weight. Everyone wants less body fat, of course. I take pictures of my clients to document their progress for both of us. It’s amazing to see visual changes in a very short time when we begin to fuel our bodies versus dieting. Strict dieting or not fueling properly starves the body!

My client graciously allowed me to post her before and after picture to demonstrate the effect that real fuel has on your body.
These photos were taken just 18 days apart. My client is very lean to begin with but you can see in the first pictures that her muscles
are not plump. Many of my clients come in as cardio bunnies and their muscle mass is way below where I would like it. I typically see their
percentage of muscle quite a bit lower and their body fat higher even though they burn, burn, burn.

For this client, we put her to work on the Sleek Body Method which focuses on weight training and strategic metabolic work. Most importantly we gave her
a meal plan that included lots of amazing, clean carbs like sweet potatoes and oatmeal. We gave her gorgeous protein to help build muscle, and of course green veggies.

In just 18 days, she lost 10 inches, she smoothed out her curves but my true happiness is that we see her muscles beginning to plump up.
This client eats 5-6 meals a day with real food, and clean carbs she is now fueling her body with purpose.

As women, we do our best to take care of those around us but many of us end up starving simply because we don’t have the right information.
More of my clients come to me eating hardly any carbs, or protein. I rarely see fast food on their food journals, I typically see foods that by product label seem to be the ‘healthy choice’. In doing their macronutrients we discover that they are barely eating enough to sustain their normal body function.
You can be over fat and starving.

Our culture encourages to go low carb/no carb. You must understand the difference between good and bad carbs.
It’s simple. Processed food is bad for you. Eating “low carb” processed food is NOT good for you. You need whole, clean carbs and you need protein, and green vegetables. You NEED that. I need that, we all NEED that.

Eating quality, clean, healthy food is not a diet. It’s important to note that while we all want be lean and sexy, that is simply a basic by product of
fueling. As time passes we will continue to see my client’s muscle fill out in beautiful form, because her body loves good food.

When you make your choices of “no carb” next week, or whatever you feel you want to do to Hail Mary fat loss, please bear this in mind.
You can have exactly what you want, safely and with great results but starving is never the answer. Build your house by fueling it properly.
I am here if you don’t know how to start. Please contact me!

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