11 weeks out: update


Today we are in the midst of another blizzard. My team was up with me at 5:45 to crush some back and biceps. The blizzard is in full swing now so we’ll see what our training looks like at home tomorrow.

This week my focus is on keeping my calories at a normal expenditure.  My team is helping me so much  by doing demos in the studio for me.  Typically, I burn 1500 to 2000 calories just working.  That’s where I get into  trouble. Once my own workout is done, I’m instructing only.  I’m so lucky. In my last prep, the girls were  completely helpful to me too.

I’m 11 weeks out and I’ve lost 3 pounds so far. I’m feeling really good.
I’ve also added a second show on this prep. I’m excited!

110 pound thursts x 60 reps.
110 pound thursts x 60 reps.

We’ve added some serious glut work to our training. I hit my bench thursts on Sunday at Club and did 110×60 reps.
I really felt that.  I squatted 115 which is a PR!!!

I’ve made some substantial changes in my meal plan, and I’m utilizing Casein more than before.  I’m hoping that the slower release of protein will help me maintain my muscle.   Casein is sooo  not tasty.  I’ve microwaved it and blended it, but it is what it is.

Today, I baked a giant batch of sweet potatoes. Our house smells so yummy. I like to bake them on 450 for at least 75 minutes until they are all caramel-ly.  Did you know if you microwave your veggies, it makes you bloated and can cause stomach upset!?  That’s no good!! xoxo

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