Week 10 Update:

Landmine lunges. 1st time. Oh man
Landmine lunges. 1st time. Oh man

The last few weeks I’ve been struggling with my weight loss. I had lost 3 pounds but made a well needed change to my meal plan and
started the scale moving again. Even though I’ve stressed out about my weight loss, I have discovered that in one month I’ve lost a total
of 6 pounds and 2.1 percent body fat. I felt like I was leaning out, but really retaining water. I had a heart to heart with a competitor friend
and she held me accountable to my water jug. No excuses. It made a huge difference.

I did a small intermitten fast followed by a high carb day. I’m super bloated from that. I always drop a bit after that type of re-feed.

Tidbit of information:
The best pants in the entire planet to squat in are LuluLemon Wonder Under pants!

I love these pants.
I love these pants.

I’m becoming a collector of Lulus and rock lots of their styles, but these are my favorite because they don’t move.
Girls, you know if your V-string pops out of the back of your tights when you squat, that’s not ok. Just saying. It’s the little things.

Today, my workout was less than beast mode. I had fully intended to GO HAM. My pre-workout let me down.
I get samples from GNC and they tossed a sample of Arnold’s Iron Pump pre-workout my way. I should never have tried that on my hardest leg day. It was
a thumbs down. I was fueled correctly but nothing kicked in. I missed my C4. So I will not cheat on her again!!

I had PR’s today but not like I wanted.
I added Land Mine legs today. First time ever and you know what.. I might have died.
I did Land Mine Goblet Squats and lunges. I was shaking and could barely walk away.
If you haven’t added those yet, to your training, it’s time!
Follow my Instagram and see my video of my workout!

This week, is more pushing!
Go after what you want!!

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