Fit Girl vs Sports Illustrated Cover girls

Fit Girl vs Sports Illustrated Cover girls

Happy Valentines Day!!  It’s the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue launch day!
I’m not on a real woman rant today and I think model bashing is probably considered impolite but I am just not feeling this cover.

I’ve seen decades of SI covers. I don’t mind saying that I’ve always like the girls who
rocked more curves.  Kathy, Tyra, Elle.. oh Elle!!  Christie.. still could do this cover.
The comment I have here is that I am happy to be in a place where being model skinny
isn’t interesting. These girls have really nothing here that inspires me. Very little muscle
means they probably don’t eat much. I don’t care for that look!
My initial reaction is to give them some sweet potatoes and teach them to lift.
A little more muscle goes a long way!

This model however, deserves the spot.  BAM!

Sports Illustrated should call her!
Sports Illustrated should call her!

I’m very happy working for a different goal that involves eating well and pushing myself to bring my best. I’m not skinny. I like my curves. I’ll give up wearing skinny jeans to have a round set of gluts.  I’m just giving a shout out to the fit girls who would ROCK the cover of Sports Illustrated.  And here’s to the girls who push themselves beyond starving to get a healthy, bangin body!  XoXo

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  1. I completely agree with you. I don’t know why these girls get covers it’s easy to starve compared to the amount of hard work and dedication it takes to look like the second woman. The hardworking fitness girls deserve these covers

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