Deload, Show changes Lulu haul


Lots of things going on this past week.

My new obsession is Lululemon. Oh, how did I not find you before?
I’m working on changing my work wardrobe to exclusively Lulu.
I have lots of VSX, which I love, but I’m loving the way Lulu’s are fitting me these days.
I’m an educator so Lulu gives me a pretty great discount on their clothes.
My latest haul is the No-limits tank. I rocked this today with the matching Run crop inspire II tights.
I also got a new Scuba Hoodie in double diamond baroque blue.

Oh Scuba Hoodies… swoon.

Conversation between me and the hubs.

Me: Summer is coming, you know why I’m sad?
Rob: No, baby, why?
Me: Because it will be too warm to wear my scuba hoodies.
Rob: Well we’ll just crank up the AC so you can wear them.

If a person can have a love affair with a jacket, that would be me.
I think people must feel that way about their North Face ackets.  My scuba
keeps me warm in a polar vortex.  It’s like butter!  I think they will be amazing all the way into
spring! I was lucky to find two different ones on the clearance rack. Score!  With my discount, they
were way less than VSX!

Changes in my prep/show.
I decided to push my show back until the summer.
We have some really awesome family things happening and I did not want
to be near my peak week for them.  I’m actually glad because now, my family and friends
can come to the show in STL. I think it’s the right choice all around. I have an additional 8 weeks
to improve my package.  Great news.

This last week I’ve been feeling pretty exhausted, so I’m doing a deload week. I’ve really tried to rest more and
prepare myself for some great work next week.
My last thrust PR was 165 pounds.  I dropped all my weights back to about 60 percent this week. Today I actually went to the gym
to lift and was only able to do 45 minutes before I tired out. I got a lot done, but not my best day. It was so hard.

Tomorrow, I have pilates and springboards so that should feel really good on my muscles.
Then Saturday and Sunday off.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Eat clean!

2 thoughts on “Deload, Show changes Lulu haul

  1. I LOVE LULU! But you know what I love MORE than Lulu? And I NEVER thought I would say this in my LIFE…..

    Zella. They have awesome stuff! I personally love the way their leggings feel so much better, although Lulu has awesome shorts, and their old bras were awesome too 🙂

    Glad to see you’ve taken some time to deload and make improvements! Take care of your body and mental health, enjoy time with the fambam 😉


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