16 Weeks out plus big booty hoe goals

Back Squat PR 155
Back Squat PR 155.

Switching my show from the April to June time frame was the best thing! I’m so glad. I have a new coach and I’m really trying to be less stressed.

One of my biggest concerns has always been my inability to sleep well. I fall asleep early (8pm) but I’m up awake with a busy mind. I am such a worrier! I worry about my family, my clients, it’s just over whelming. I find myself thinking about work all night long. Just so you know, this is not a new development. It takes me days to relax when we go on vacation. When I was in prep for my show last year, I had the same trouble.
One lovely night, the planets aligned and I got 9 hours of sleep. I woke up to a new set of abs! You see, sleep is very important to progress.

My coach suggested a cortisol blocker and I picked up some Down Time from 1st Phorm at Supplement Superstore. I took that Saturday night and had
an excellent night of sleep. I was actually relaxed. It was awesome! I recommend it. I was a bit groggy when I got up and with the time change, we didn’t make it to the gym until 11 am. It was really nice not to “have” to be somewhere.

Legs: booty boo,
Goal: The last 30 days we have been working on a glute thrusting challenge with our team at Sleek.  We thrust every day and are hearing amazing results from our clients.
I did not thrust before this but it’s a crazy effective workout.  I PR’d last week at 185.
I started a month ago at 65 pounds and was too sore to move!
I have a very hard time maintaining muscle once I start my cardio/cutting phase.
I will be thrilled to have more muscle this year than last!  I’m lifting so much heavier this time.

I do my leg day on Sundays and this week was one of my best. I fueled up with my Alpha Cre HD, C4 and a bottle of waterlemon branch chains. I started with my back squat. My last PR was 135 and I did 155 this week. I got in 2 sets of 8. I dropped back to 115 and did a bunch of  quick pace  @ss to grass squats as well.

I did not PR on my deads this week, but I did drop back to 95 and did 6 sets. My glutes/hammies were on fire. I added Sumo deads in.  My inner thighs.. oh lawdy. So hard to get tight.

Finished my leg day with, diamond squats on the hack, back extensions with 25 pounds, back lunges, thrusts until I wept.

We are going to begin official prep at 14 weeks. I’m excited about that. I’ll be able to hit my track workouts outside with Rob, my team and my boo, Claire who never quits!

Today is a glorious day. I hope you have a fantastic one and that you are mindful of your goals. Keep pushing!!

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