Lululemon haul and show update

Hi guys!!
I am 13 weeks from my show. I did my registration today and I’m really happy!
This is the show I did last year in June so I will know what to expect.

We train with landmines at Sleek.
We train with landmines at Sleek.


We are using landmines in our studio now. We installed 2 and have two more on the way.I had never used them but they are fantastic. They are VERY old school. I’m looking to the old school training styles to develop symmetry.  Landmine training really kicks my booty.  I have noticed some new gains since I started using them. I feel muscles I didn’t know I had! Give them a try!

Funtional Trainer
Rob and I went to purchase another Olympic bar and ended up buying a new functional trainer for Sleek.  Now, I’m totally excited. My studio is almost competitor complete.  The functional trainer will give me the cables for finishing exercises.

Some times people ask me while I still go to other gyms, when I own one myself. Well… I still really love the GYM!
Sometimes I just need to be somewhere where I’m not ‘at work’.  I can put on my headphones and focus.  I got to lots of other gyms for their special pieces of equipment.  I’m not a fan of one of the Club Fitness but I always  end up there because they have a really bad@ss leg machine. It is also very close to Starbucks, so there’s that.

Lululemon Haul.
I am very excited that Lululemon is doing a trunk show at my studio in April. Our clients love Lulu! I admit I’m a bit of a sport clothes junkie and I’m digging my Lulu collection. I used to collect MAC so this is on par. I did some shopping over the weekend.

Run Crop Inspire II
I really like this crop. It’s super comfortable and it doesn’t move out of place, in the gym. I have a few pairs of this style. It’s going to be great for spring. It gets hot in our space.

Cool RacerBack tank
I have to be honest. This looks better on, than in this picture.
It’s not super body hugging like some of my VSX tanks but I really like it.
Anyway.. I got the green one to match my pants.

I end up changing outfits at least twice a day… I am always
digging for a tank. I seem to never have the one I need. I found the

Run Swiftly Tank Stripe
I love this tank! I’m so glad I found it. It’s perfect for lifting.
It looks great with anything, pants.. skirt.. Plus, it’s not TTH so you can toss
it on and it looks easy breezy.  I got a pink striped one
and this hot black striped one. It runs big so I like it one size smaller.
It’s not tight at all!  FYI

Workout clothes make me really happy!
Have a wonderful day!

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