TBT I was an overweight fast food addict

Oh! I gained 40 and Rob gained 60. We lost 100 to regain our life and health.
Oh! I gained 40 and Rob gained 60. We lost 100 to regain our life and health.

Throw back to the days of yesteryear.
I started my fitness/weight loss career in the early 80’s after I got my first Jane Fonda workout book. I am personal trainer, instructor trainer, national presenter, I trained my college football team, I worked for companies such as Proctor and Gamble as their fitness director.  I’ve worked alongside very famous professional body builders, celebrities, elite athletes as well as health seekers in my community. Believe me when I say fitness is and always has been in my blood. I’ve seen it all and it shaped me into the trainer I am today.

The years were a blur.
Several years ago, I sustained an injury which was hampering my ablity to work in the gym. I had torn my quad and I was in agony. It never healed correctly. I could hardly get up the stairs!  It was devastating.
At the same time, Rob and I had started our own web development company and my focus shifted. As we built our company, Rob and I worked at our desks 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. We ate bad food and we ate lots of it. We drank soda by the gallon, fast food by the bag full, take out and more junk food than you can imagine. Not only did I get fat, I became depressed, Agoraphobic, had horrible mood swings, panic  attacks, Heartburn/Acid reflux, PMDD, heart pains & my hands were numb constantly.
I had a cold for 1 full year.  I was unwell and exhausted. I couldn’t keep it together. I was in my PJ’s for days on end. My children would ask me if I was ever going to get dressed. I was so out of control
I prayed for God to deliver me from fast food. The cravings were excruciating.
I ate and ate and worked and gained over 40 pounds! I RARELY left the house.

The wrong food and too much of it.
The wrong food and too much of it.

One day we ventured to the mall and I had the shock of a life time. I barely had enough energy to shop! I was trying to get the energy to get over to the Mrs. Fields Cookie store. I had to sit down and rest! It was at that exact moment I knew I was in trouble. I knew that someone with my past health and fitness experience should be able to fix this! I’d been telling myself I’ll ‘start’ tomorrow but tomorrow never came. Well, that day was the day I said “ENOUGH”. I was tired of looking bad and feeling worse. I decided to get off SUGAR and discovered that all the “diet” foods I was buying were feeding my sugar addiction! Hidden sugars had me jonesing for my next fix! I started searching the web for ideas on clean eating and began my journey back into health and fitness.

The journey to change my lifestyle was a slow paced one. There was no Pinterest. No motivational boards. We just grabbed every clean recipe book we could. It took us over a year to completely clean our diet. Over that time, I began working out at home again. We got a puppy and started walking her. I could barely get around the block. I did pilates in my bedroom so no one could hear me cry. I couldn’t do one move!
Slowly, I began to lean out and get more stamina. I knew it was time to get myself BACK in my fitness career because that is where I thrive. I clearly made the right decision. I am blessed.
Through this process I also have changed how I feel about food. I try very hard to eat to fuel my body so I’m efficient in my day. Since cleaning up my diet, I rarely get sick anymore. Sugar suppresses the immune system so without that I’m much healthier! Most of my other concerns cleared promptly after starting a clean eating program. We try very hard to stay on track. I falter sometimes. I’m very hard on myself because I KNOW better.

What I have learned.
I am not a ‘skinny’ person. I work for every accomplishment. I was not naturally athletic. I’m built with curves and a tendency to have belly fat. I accept these things about me. Taking my journey to the stage continues to help me to approach my fitness/health as a journey. I want to be better each day. I want to bring the best package I can. I want to look better year after year. I want to be a healthy mom for my boys. I am so happy that Rob and I are active together.
We take our fitness/health so seriously. We are a team.

Forty pounds ago… that girl seems like someone else. I detoured off my path. But I have a deep understanding of what my clients go through. I know how good I feel now. I want others to know that too! I always want others to know that they can do it!

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