LuluLemon Trunk Show

Jill and Annie brought Lululemon to us!
Jill and Annie brought Lululemon to us!

Trainer Jen and just ONE of the racks of tops!  Holy cow! She and I shopped privately!

Trunk Show

Last Saturday we had Lululemon come to our studio for a Spring trunk show. Jill and Annie, from the Central West End store, brought racks and racks of brand new items for us to see! It was amazing! These are a few items we saw.

No Limits Tank in Angel Blue/Andidote

No Limits Tank in Angel Blue/Andidote
No Limits Tank in Angel Blue/Andidote

Danielle and Liz are modeling the Pace Crop and the Run Crops. I love the No-limits tank for lifting!

Run: Inspire Crop II Black/Quilt Spring 14

I have lots of Run Crop II’s. They always stay put and looks sharp. I typically don’t run so I can’t speak to that but I’ve heard good things from the girls who do.This was a great choice to introduce our clients to Lulu. It’s a great pant that doesn’t lose it’s shape.

A lot of our girls bought the pace crops! These are fantastic and fun. They weren’t even on the Lulu website. The detailing is unique. They are shorter than the Run Crops and I think they run a tad small but a great crop. I wore them Sunday for lifting.

Sidenote: I purchased some pretty hot stripped Nike running tights after seeing them on a fitness model on Instagram. They were $99. Within one hour, the booty was sagging. I took them back. Unacceptable. I’m not having good luck with Nike active wear.

Secret Garden Speeds
Cricket is showing us the hot new speeds.

I’m not sure how I feel about this print. My mama always told me not to wear giant flowers on your butt. Patterns are really in right now so this short would be cute with a black tank. I passed on it, but I wonder if I’ll regret it later. There’s a lot of Secret Garden Print this spring.

Headbands: Yep

Headbands go with everything.

 In the Flow dress
I love this dress. It’s darling. It looks super cute over crops. My trainer, Jen and I both got one. She rocks hers over pink crops! I like the side ruching. It’s flattering. I’ll do this with flip flops this summer for errands. I think the store got just a few of them. I feel pretty lucky I got to take one home!


Angie, Linds and Nicci rocked these jackets.  Forme Jacket in Cashew, the Dance Studio 3 jacket and the Nice Asana Jacket. Love these for spring.
I picked up the Dance Studio 3 jacket. It’s reversible! It looks very cute and pulled together. I think it makes you look skinny. I’m a scuba hoodie freak and frankly, I have lots of VSX nylon jackets. This one is really flattering for spring. When it’s too warm for Scuba this one is a winner.

One thing that was fun was the Infinity scarf. I’m pretty lame at scarfs and really would never wear them. This piece is super versatile and it makes a fun halter! It has lots of snaps and there is a video to show you all the ways you can rock it.
Something super fun and unique for summer .It makes a halter. Sold.

Last but not least,    Wish list for Spring. I am dying for this little Pace skirt in green with the studio top. What are you looking for this spring??

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