Bikini competitor’s secrets-I pee more than pregnant women

Bikini competitor's secrets-I pee more than pregnant women

Someone told me they couldn’t come to class because they had to get up last night and pee 4 times! Oh my! I laughed so hard. Since I started prep, I’ve been up every hour on the hour. I pee more than a pregnant woman.

1 am, 2am, 3am 4am.. time to get up.

When you are cutting, getting all your water in is important. It’s important anyway. I never want to be ‘dry’. Dry is not good for building muscle! Water flushes toxins. I take CLA and that makes you pee even more! I can’t say I recall being on 1 gallon a day this early in my prep last time. Whew!!! It’s a good habit for me though. I don’t drink anything else except coffee 1 time a day.

I admit though that getting my water in is pretty much a fight everyday. I’m struggling to get the last bit down before I go to bed. Today I’m on a mission. I have most of it down and it’s not even noon. I’ll space the rest out before 4 and be done.

I remember peak week last time. I was running around looking for last minute things for the show. I stopped at 5 fast food restaurants and once at my friend, Kim’s house to pee. She left the door open for me so I could get in and out. I don’t even think I said hi to her. We’re good like that. She knew. Prep is prep and I believe I was at 2 gallons a day.

These things I’ve discovered.

I might pee in the car. It’s true. I said it. I hope not. Jeeze I hope not.
There’s always someone in the bathroom at Starbucks.
Gas station bathrooms are always locked.
Someone always asks me if I’m pregnant.

I hope your prep is going well!
Drink water. Have a floaty day.

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