Nine weeks out


This weekend was great. I am 9 weeks out from the St. Louis Naturals.
I have a brand new meal plan and set of workouts for the next two weeks.

My meal plan is getting tighter and my workouts are some of the hardest I’ve ever done.
These shoulders.. oh.. and my glutes.. These GLUTES!  Holy smokes!

My Coach
Congrats to my coach, Melissa Johnson (MJ) for her clients wins this past weekend in Liberty. I’m very excited to have a coach who gets it done!  Whoo hoo.


I’m super pumped for my week. I have some new Cool Lulu to motivate me to get it right. Did I tell you…  I’m motivated by fitness clothes.  I am setting the pace for this week and bringing my best! I feel amazing today. Rested. I have my food ready and my home is in order.  No stress here!!

On Saturday I picked up the ONLY pair of size 6 Lululemon Secret Garden Run Inspires in STL. I saw this pic on Lululemon Addict
This pic belongs to the lovely gals at lululemon addict. You should read their blog. It’s addicting. Hahaa

I thought.. yeah.. No.. No big flowers on my butt. I was going to grab the Wunder Under Crops with the Secret Garden detail on the top until I tried these on.. <3.  I’m in the mood for crazy, fun crops right now. They look great with every color tank.  FYI

Got home to find that my girl Mindy Kaling had IG her pair too
Oh no I have dreaded #toegap someone get me some food! Even my rose print lulus can’t help me.

I’m thinking Lulu unicorn??? 
What motivates YOU???
Here’s my bangin workout in my Secret Garden Crops



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  1. Lulu’s motivate me too!! The only time I don’t mind spoiling myself with their gear is during competition prep. Its dangerous though, I go in for one thing and leave with five! (and a much lighter wallet)

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