8 weeks out

I had the best week of my prep this past. I hit every mark on the nose. I am feeling great.
My workouts were different this week. I’m doing more giant sets.
I lost another pound and an inch in my waist and a half inch in my hips.
My rib cage is actually smaller now than it was the day of my last show.
Starting to see little baby abs showing through.

It was time to order my suit. I have made changes to my last order.
I cannot wait to see it.

Ready for this week. Super pumped.

This is a little recap of this weeks workouts.
I’m excited to look back and see my changes week by week.
I hope you have an amazing week!

5 thoughts on “8 weeks out

  1. I love your wardrobe! You should join some of the Facebook groups for Lululemon lovers! You look like you’re working really hard in your video, I know it’ll pay off! Good luck in competition!

    1. Thank you Nicole! @Lululemonexpert I should totally join some FB groups. I am in the exchange group. I’m getting addicted to the speed shorts now for summer. Thank you for your kind words!! xoxo

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