The good, the bad, the UGH

This all happened this week. 7 weeks out.

Good grief, I thought this week would never end.

I promised when I started this blog that I would document
my experiences, good or bad.  This week was probably my worst ever.

1. Exhausted beyond belief.  Went to sleep at 6:30pm. Woke up at 4am still exhausted.
2. Craving everything.
3. Crabby
4. Can’t form a complete sentence.

My coach gave me a carb up and I took a rest day.
I feel much better.

I won’t discount that I got everything I was supposed to done.
I deadlifted 4 sets at 115 which is awesome for me.
Somewhere I found the strength. I got all my HIIT Cardio in
and my food water was on pointe.

I added sugar free gum. I’m not at all sure if that is a good idea. I go so bloated.
I also craved salt like crazy. I would have licked a block if you had one.

I’m feeling very nervous and shaky, like I won’t be ready. I know I will.
Just a wonky week.
Here’s an ab check for ya.  Never mind my janky bedroom. I’ve had no energy for such things as cleaning.
7 weeks abs.

ab check. 7 weeks out.
ab check. 7 weeks out.

This week. I already feel much better. I had my rest day so onward.
I have a check in on Wednesday with my coach MJ.  New food and new
workouts.  LEGGO.


2 thoughts on “The good, the bad, the UGH

  1. this is how i felt last week and this week during prep. Im so nervous that I am not where i need to be and i step on stage in 5 days. the hardest part is comparing yourself to others. that is where i struggle. your abs are looking killer at 7 weeks out already. you are gonna do awesome! keep grinding.

  2. Oh my goodness, MissPixie13! You are in prep week! I was nearly on my back and a total head case. I think it’s really hard not to compare, well.. because it’s a competition. I try to remember that even IF someone has a better butt or whatever..they judge on the total package. I’ve seen some really tight contestants who had bad posing or presence. I just hope that I can bring in the best package I can. I KNOW I can bring a better one than last time. That keeps me a little more focused. Now.. talk to me in Peak week.. hahaha. Nerves. I’m pulling for you!!! You’re going to kill it!

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