Are you down for the grind?

Are you down for the grind?
Are you down for the grind?

Me: ” Mary Beth, you are looking awesome. Your legs are really looking tight!”
Mary Beth: ” Yes, but I can’t get rid of my belly.”

STOP!  Does this sound like YOU?  It sounds like every client I’ve ever had. It sounds LIKE ME.

Do you know how to be about  the grind or are you always seeking the end result?

The grind.
The grind.

Here’s a secret for you.
There is NO end result!  Fitness is a daily grind.  There is NO windfall of fitness.

“Oooo girl.. I woke up and I was 30 pounds lighter, blonder, and my ass is looking hawt!”   Said.. no one ever.

When you train for a show, you hope that the end result is that you walk on stage for about 90 seconds and you look good enough to get a trophy.  Months of work done on the chance that “someone” might like what you have to offer.

Is the success when you finally reach the stage?  Yes.. but NO.. because what do you have after that?  You either go back to the grind and set new goals or you stop.
Embrace it.

Last night one of my gorgeous clients posted that she’s slowly becoming a badass one workout at a time. I love this.  It totally represents what real fitness is. It’s the grind.  It’s the successes each day when you DIDNT hit the snooze and made it to the gym.

The successes are the transitions from pants that don’t fit to ones that fall off of you when you cross the parking lot.

It’s the success of knowing you CAN finish that HIIT or make a better choice at the ball park. This is the grind. These are the trophies.

Far too often, I find myself looking for happiness in the future. When my belly is flat for the 90 seconds I’m on stage or when I’m X pounds lighter.  But I have committed to trying to find joy in the grind. Each day, I will give my best to all my goals..  I will not compare to other people because this journey is mine.  This grind is MINE.

Now.. go get what you want!


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