5 weeks out

This all happened and a bunch more.
This all happened and a bunch more in week 6. I’m not officially 5 weeks from my show.

This week was so much better.  Coach MJ got me all straightened out.
We talked about some changes in my diet this check in so I’m super excited.
I have steak again, and greek yogurt. I feel like I won the lottery for this next 2 weeks.

I am down another 2 pounds. I am at 143 now. In Jan I was at 157.
I’m two pounds over my last years stage weight.  I wonder what my food change will
bring with my physique these next two weeks!

Track is starting up for me this week.  I am ready.
I dominate track (in my mind) because I’m slow and no one cares!

Elbow what is UP?
I haven’t mentioned this.. but
I have a lovely case of Lateral epicondylitis or Tennis Elbow.  I know exactly when I hurt it. It was 2 months ago and I went a little crazy with a new land mine exercise.
Tennis Elbow is pretty common for body builders. Did not see that coming.
I’m lifting about half of what I normally could and can hardly lift anything with my hand turned.  Having trouble putting the dishes away! EEEK.

So in light of that challenge.. I’m really keeping my form tight and trying to squash my need for extreme momentum and beast mode.  This arm will not be *F*cking sh*t up” as the girls like to say.  I’m on the precision path until I can do some post show rehab and rest.

We are taking a trip to Chicago and I am all packed.  My cooler is set.
I’m not even worried.  Yep.. I’m taking all my food.
They guys can eat the delisiousness of Kuma’s Korner.  I’m all good!

Enjoy your holiday! IIFYM!


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