5 weeks comparison pics

Last year and this year. Solid comparison.
Last year and this year. Solid comparison.

Comparisons of last year at this time and this year. I am happy that I , indeed, have put on a little more muscle than I had last year. Once I ramp up cardio, I really lose it. I have cardio 6 days a week now. Some hiit, one track day and steady state. I have Plyo in my workouts. My waist this morning was 27.5. I haven’t pulled any sucralose yet. Still working my ass off. This week has been rough for sleeping. I can see that in my abs. I have some Downtime from Supplement superstore but it makes me groggy! Especially because I get up around 4:15am.
Solid comparison. I’ve put the time in! No check in with MJ this week. 🙂

Leaning. 1 month apart. I'll take it.
Leaning. 1 month apart. I’ll take it.

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  1. you look great! a lot more cut than last year! keep going! i found that if i had a times 15 minute nap i felt a lot more energized, even if i didnt quite fall asleep. it helped me through prep for sure

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