Week 5 recap

all of this and more happened this week.. whew
all of this and more happened this week.. whew

Memorial Day weekend

We had a wonderful family trip to Chicago.
The weather was perfect! We always stay at the Marriott Suites. I love that our room has
a little kitchen and fridge.  We packed a full cooler and I had every meal prepped for the trip.  I had a salad at Kuma’s corner-the heavy metal burger restaurant.  I wasn’t craving fries at all! Haha

Marriott has a really nice gym. I’ve seen the inside of it more than once!  I was able to  do my HIIT and shoulders easily.

We got right back to it and hit the track on Monday morning.  I was tore up from the track!  I did
16 fifties
8 hundreds

Right now I have cardio 6 days a week.  I’m really feeling it.
Most of the time I get up to do cardio at 5am before I go in and teach at Sleek.

I’ve had a few 3 hour workout days this week. Mostly because I’m slow.

 Friday leg day!
Today I had HIIT at 6am followed by 2 pilates classes.
I trained legs for 2 hours.
I hit my dead lifts today and did 4×12 at 135! Whoohoo.
It’s been a long time since I lifted that weight.
My videos are on instagram so be sure to follow me!

30 days!
I’m exactly 30 days from my show!  Planning on having a bangin week coming up.
No excuses!  You push too!! Thanks for reading my blog! xoxo


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