4 weeks out update

4 weeks out. All this happened., and more
4 weeks out. All this happened., and more

I started the week off on Sunday with track.
I hit the mark on all my cardio and workouts.
I’m training 7 days a week. I have 6 lifting days.

I almost peed in my car. Don’t judge! #bikinigirlproblems

Had my check in with my coach, MJ today. I will get all new food and workouts
for this week.

My suit will be here Monday!! I cannot wait to see it!

I’m officially down another pound. I am 142. I am 1 pound over my last show weight
but I think I look much different than last year.

1 year apart
1 year apart

These pics are exactly 1 year apart. I’m happy with my progress.

We are upping my cardio this week and getting a little more food.
I am officially 3 weeks out! I have had no cheats and I’m ready to kill it this week!

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