Peak Weak

Peak Week will be told in the capacity of which I could understand it during Peak week because I didn’t understand much of what was going on.

this is about it
this is about it

Workout. sleep. Cry. Quit. Recommit.  Cry. Bitch some people out. Pee in a
Lululemon shopping bag in the car.  Get it together.  Complain.
Stalk other competitors. Then stop doing that because that’s stupid.
Sugar scrub skin off. Cocoa butter. Hair color. Pee  Water logged.
Pee. Pee. Can’t form sentence.  LOW CARB

On Friday night you check in!
On Friday night you check in!

 I was at 136 here. This is tiny for me.
I weighed more in high school. Lawdy.
If you knew me in high school.. virtual high 5 me.


Spread that Shi*
Spread that Shi*

Best food I've ever had.
Best food I’ve ever had.


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