Show pics NANBF 2014

Show pics
Show pics from my t-walk.

On June 28,2014 I competed in my second show, NANBF St. Louis Naturals .
This is  a natural body building show. I competed in this exact show last year and placed 2nd in Masters (40+) bikini.  I was 47 years old in my first show.

This year I competed in Bikini Masters and Bikini Tall open.  Alas, I did not place in either.
I held off posting this blog until I received my judges comments.

If you are so inclined, the judges will send you their written remarks about your physique and stage presence.  This is good feedback if you are planning to set new goals and compete again within this federation.

In this show, I got very positive feed back about my upper body, but across the board  was  “Too much muscle for bikini. Do figure”.
And.. “work on glutes”.  That’s a given. Til the day I die..I will work on my glutes.  That didn’t bother me a bit.. because… ta da.. I added more glutes this year! Whoo hoo.

This is one year apart.  More glute! I'm happy.
This is one year apart. More glute! I’m happy.

I had a great experience this year, but will be working toward new goals. I will not be doing
figure. My next competition season will be very different!  I will be moving into a different federation that is better suited for my body type.



I wish I could post the videos of my judging and t walk. I have them on dvd but will have to wait until they find their way onto youtube!

I’m very proud of the muscle I gained. I am not at all upset. I will be 49 years old in 2 weeks.
I hit every single mark I wanted to. I achieved every goal I set for this show. I learned so much more!  Now on to off season!!

xoxo 🙂


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  1. You look fantastic. The muscle definition is definitely a good thing. I think trying out a different Fed is a good idea. The judges just wanted a certain look on that day. The criteria for bikini and figure confuses me. Similarly, men’s physique is not judged consistently.

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