The most annoying girls in the gym

If you're going to go to the gym, GO to the gym.
If you’re going to go to the gym, GO to the gym.

Have you ever read the top lists of “The Most Annoying People in the Gym“?
Basically, these lists  will call out gym-goer’s  lack of  etiquette and all around sloppy behavior with humorous
memes and antidotes.

There is always a call out to the big jerks who won’t rack their weights.
No love goes to the guy who leaves flop sweat on the benches. And of  course,
the biggest offender award goes to  the guy who curls in the squat rack! GRRRRR

Somewhere in the mix is always a smack down to  girls who try to look cute at the gym.
The comments about these girls are always downright hateful!
Go figure…the ones who actually interrupt other people’s workouts with their bad etiquette are just jerks, but
girls who are pulled together are just  “hos” or trying to hook up.

I’m doing my own call outs to those who are so annoyed by this travesty called grooming.


1. Girls who “wear makeup” to the gym are annoying. It’s not a pick- up bar.
People who assume that every girl who looks hot in the gym, wants to hook up.. rest assured..
your men are safe from us.
I wear  makeup to the gym. In fact, I wear my  Dior and Chanel makeup to the gym. Trust me.. it’s not about YOU.
It’s about me. I believe in training hard but I’m  all girl. Sue me because I think looking good and working out go hand in hand.

If I come in looking good, then I feel good and I’m on my game.  I train for ME and my goals and I’m going to
go out on a limb and say that there are other fitness minded girls who feel the same way.  My question to you, is
‘Why do you care?”  “Why are you annoyed?”  The way I look has no bearing on your workout.  I’m not putting on makeup in
the squat rack.. I’m squatting.  How do you have time to be annoyed at how I look? Get back to your workout!

Once you hate on someone, everything they do is offensive.
Once you hate on someone, everything they do is offensive.

Women who are annoyed because other women try to look good in the gym… could you be hating?  Raise your game. Or don’t.
If you do your best workout with a bare face, then rock that.  No one is judging you for scrubbing your face prior to a workout.

2. Girls who dress up for the gym are sooooo annoying.  It’s not a fashion show.

Don't be hating, because I brought the heat!
Don’t be hating, because I brought the heat!

Again, why is this annoying to you?  I have trained in the gyms for 33 years. I have been there through
all the workout styles, several times through as it turns out.  I am HIGHLY motivated by cool workout wear.  In fact, I have always
taken joy in my workout clothes.  People who feel bad about themselves don’t purchase cute workout clothes.  It’s  a
proven fact that a rocking a new outfit burns 80 percent more body fat. I made that up.  I’m fired up to train in a new
pair of Lululemon crops.  Sometimes, that’s the motivation to get me to the gym 6 days a week.

Progress is zexi
My clients often begin in my studio, covering their bodies with large T-shirts and sweats.  In a short amount of time, we see them
begin to feel good about themselves and wearing fun workout clothes,  and  tanks . It’s awesome.  If you see someone who trains in
cute clothes, celebrate that fact that they have great self-esteem.
Wear what YOU want, but know this… training in giant tent shirts offer YOU no  feedback on your form or musculature. I am always happy when my clients trade in their  oversized clothes  for more body conscious clothing.   As a trainer, I can see their muscles! So can they.  Amazing things happen when you train!  You actually want to see your body than hide it.

3. People who do selfies in the gym are soooo annoying!!

Haters gonna hate.
Haters gonna hate.

OMG.. the horror!!

I’m throwing this one in for girls and guys because I am a FAN of selfies.
Selfies are badges of high self esteem. If you see my gym selfie and hate on me, then stop looking at my IG.
Stop putting yourself through it.

I’m  geeked and inspired, not only by people who look freaking amazing in their selfies, but by people who FEEL amazing
and take selfies. Progress is a beautiful thing.  What if.. someone snaps a gym selfie and that inspires another IG user to get to the gym that day?
That’s good Karma. Do you want to stand in the way of good Karma?   What kind of soulless  person have you become???


This is a salute to all the girls who represent in the gym and a big bucket of raspberries to the ones who have so
much time on their hands to be “annoyed” by us!

2 thoughts on “The most annoying girls in the gym

  1. Love it! Preach it girl!

    If we ladies spend a majority of our free time in the gym as our hobby, we may as well pamper ourselves with fucking cute outfits! It keeps us motivated, it’s a reward system for us. I love nothing more than rewarding myself with a pair of Zella pants, Lulu shorts and tanks.

    As for the makeup, I workout AFTER work…. and of course I need to look good for work, it’s my job. I’m not gonna take the extra time to clean it off BEFORE my workout.

    Now when I worked out in the morning…. different story, hahaha!

    Love your posts girl! Congrats on your show, can’t wait to see the improvements, you looked though!


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