Best Aps to track your macros


At my Studio, SleekBodyMethod, we are working very hard with
our clients on #IIFYM.  The question of the day is always,
“What ap is the best for tracking?”

I have been a Myfitnesspal user for several years. There is lots to love there!
However, I think it has some kinks when it comes to  tracking your custom macros.
First concern is that any custom macros you add to your interface, often get reverted back to the guided macros.  You have to really be on top of that!   If you need help customizing MFP, check out my blog post on that.

Second concern: If you track your exercise, MFP will create a deficit for your macros so you would eat more.  That’s ok, if you are in the guided program, but I already figure my clients exercise into their custom macros.

Third:  You are going to need to be super careful of the database.  I found a user added entry for a banana that had 0 calories, 0 carbs.  Well.. that isn’t correct. Products in other countries have different nutrition so you are better off adding your own or really double checking the information.

Other phone aps:
My friend KFlan Kristin Flannery is
a guru at IIFYM!  She is using MyMacros+ .
So far, it is only available on Apple so that left me and my droid out. 😦
The thing about MyMacros+  (be sure you use the plus sign) is that you are going to have to build your own database.  Look at that as a good thing.  Currently,if you eat a lot of Hardees fried chicken. There is lots of fast food in the database.  It’s well on it’s way to killing it in the macro ap! I’m excited to see it when it’s available on my Note3!

My Net Diary
I have found my holy grail in the web version of
There is a phone ap that is amazing. It is $3.99. I had that one initially. It had everything I needed and well worth the 4 dollars.  You can set your custom macros easily.  You will probably need to add into the user database, but you can keep files of your own product adds.

I purchased the subscription version of MyNetDiary.  It is $9 USD a month. I LOVE it. I am at my desk when I’m not with clients. I love the giant spread sheet interface. It’s super simple to follow. I just need to mouse over my totals to know what macros remain for the day.

The best part of this subscription is that it is accurate on all my devices. You will simply download the subscription version of it  on your devices. That is at no cost. You will login to the ap with your subscription information. Presto..It is accurate to the second!  I have lots of devices, apple, droid and it’s 100 percent spot on no matter which I look at.
Setting my customization was simple and it can be changed if I’m doing carb cycling, or macro manipulation like in  a reverse diet.

MFP is free.. but I do not have that kind of freedom in that ap!

Some of my clients are finding their own success with spread sheets!
Some of them are using

The best database, if you don’t have your product codes is FATSECRET
I love how it is broken down into different serving sizes.

How do you track your macros?? I would love to hear!!


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