Secrets to setting your custom macros in MyFitnesspal


How do you track your macros?

If you are tracking your macros and would like to set them up in
This is how you will do it.
My Fitness Pal


Update your profile

choose what you want to do from the dropdown.
Now: in the menu click

make your goals custom


WARNING: MyFitnessPal will ALWAYS try to revert you back to ‘guided’.
You may end up repeating this step more than once. GRRRR. I check my macros
every day so I don’t eat from their guided recommendations.

Here's that crazy macros page with percentages!
Here’s that crazy macros page with percentages!

Don’t Panic. Make your macros look like mine.

When you use the drop down, it won’t be exact so get as close as you can. I went ‘over’ in carbs and under in fats because my fats are out of control.
I’d rather be a tad under because I go over every day. Carbs, I burn like crazy.

I removed all the other macros like sodium, etc.
Be sure to put your FIBER in though. That’s important!!

If you have done your macros DON’T ADD YOUR EXERCISE IN!
MyFitnessPal will adjust your macros and ask you to eat more food.
If I have done your macros for you, your exercise has been added in!!

 Double check it twice to make sure it took it and didn’t go back to ‘guided’.

Now.. check it everyday to make sure it didn’t go back to ‘guided’.

Do you need a meal plan or help with your Macros??
I can do that for you!!

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