Booty Blaster workouts

Here’s a point of view video on how do really get into those glutes using the
seated leg press at the gym.

When you look for the leg press, choose the one that is in the circuit and not the giant one you put the plates on. Nothing wrong with that, but this has a different angle so you’re going to get into that glute. Honestly, I can really push weight on that giant leg press but I don’t get very much range of motion. I think my boobs get in the way… I digress.

When you set your machine up, slide the seat as close as you can so that your knees are basically in your face. When you push your legs out straight you will have more range of motion through the lift.

Feet are together. Push through the heels and get that glute and hamstring to engage.
I have to lift about 200 to feel this. Do not be that girl who lifts 20 pounds here. You are NOT going to get bulky. Large muscle groups need a lot of weight to change. So push yourself. If you aren’t feeling, it.. get to work!

Reps: 3×12

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