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Glute Transformation
Started a brand new Glute transformation last Monday. I’m in my 2nd week. I’m training my legs and glutes nearly 2 hours a day 3 times a week.
I added my first sets of plyo back in yesterday and had an amazing workout. I’m excited to see my results after 6 weeks.

Not sure much changed in just 10 days, but I document everything. Selfies really come in handy when you want to do yearly side by sides!

Here’s a video of one of my fav new moves. It’s so old school, I love it. I used 10 pounds on each ankle and did 100 on each leg.

My birthday was Sunday and we had the casino buffet. I am not going to lie. I LOVE IT.
I’m working on my IIFYM now so I’m hitting it pretty hard. I am really loving being back on my IIFYM. This time around, I’m being a little nicer to myself than I was last off season. I was still really strict with my choices. I’m going to actually take some time and see what my maintenance macros do for me. Honestly, the last thing I want to be on is another cut. My body is just OVER it. I’m feeling a little fluffy but I actually feel wonderful. My lifts are really good. I can push harder.

I’m also learning what ‘non-bro’ foods (Bro foods are the usual bodybuilding foods like fish, turkey, brown rice, sweet potatoes..etc) work for me and what doesn’t.

I had 68 extra carbs left over and had 1/4 slice of angel food cake : 38g carbs. It was glorious. I loved feeling like I was cheating but it still fit my macros. However, I woke up and trained at 5am. I was dragging. I learned that I need to eat that sort of food when I’m not training. I am just better off with “bro-foods” around my workouts. I’m loving adding back in bananas before I train.

I tend to like sweets a lot, but my dear friend, Christine turned me on to the Quest chips. The BarBQue ones.. I die.

Quest chips
Quest chips

I think you still have to order these from Quest Nutrition. Hope GNC has them.

Happy training, guys!!

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