IIFYM Puzzle: How do you plan your day?

MyNetDiary is set for the week!

I set this up for the week.
I set this up for the week.

Last week, I did great on my IIFYM Macros. I hit them 5 days in a row with no “real” issues.

Here’s how I did my plan.

I created a menu plan that I follow for meals 1-5.
Meal 6 is usually what I have after I get home from the studio.
I had these macros left each night
92 carbs
30 grams of fat
3 grams of protein.

That was redic! My protein is not nearly as high as it was in prep. So I tend to eat all my protein during the main part of my day.

What happened to me this week, was I enjoyed some evening carbs of Sugar Free Cool whip and SF jello fluff. I had fruit to hit the carbs and my fats were consumed up by Cinnamon Swirl peanut butter. I slept terribly! I think I’m better off using
a better balance during the day and ending my training days with protein.

What I liked about this method was that the surplus I had available could be used if I needed more food during the day. Especially on my 3 leg days. So that was a positive.

This week.. to keep myself on track, I created my menu and put it in Mynetdiary.com
I will eat the food that is in it each day. I can still move macros around if I need more food, but I’m not leaving the open macros to chance.

I think everyone is very different in how their bodies react to certain foods.
My foods are pretty clean, but I’m really enjoying more fruit which bumps my fiber.

On this spreadsheet/tracker, I do have a little surplus left over, but I will adjust it during the day. I am most concerned of going OVER my fats. This is going to be great. I’ll let you know how it is.

FYI: It’s not a good idea to ‘compare’ your macros with someone else’s. Your macros are going to be based on several variables so looking at my numbers will do you no good if you are hoping to compare. I am not in a cut right now. Each week, I am slowly upping my carbs to the ‘recommended’ amount for my program.

My “snack” category has the foods I use in M2 and 4 which are my post workout, or pre-teaching foods.

If you need help with your macros, please let me know. Be patient!! Keep pushing!

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