Competition Booty workout

Hey guys,

Here’s a leg workout I used to build my glutes.
The above video is the weighted split lunge and it’s pretty badazz. 
In this series, I used a 45 pound plate so to give enough ROM (range of motion)
I put my front foot on a step.   I balanced it out with a light hand on the Smith.
The back leg is the working leg and I dropped it down with 8 single reps and did 8 short reps in the hole.
Keep pushing through the heel on the front foot to really engage the glute and make sure your knee does
not push out over your toe. 

3 sets per side.  You can use dumbbells if you prefer. I was in a building phase here so I’m all about some iron in all these moves.  Good luck!

Competition Booty workout
Weighted split lunge   3×8+8  Each side (ES)
Box step ups weighted (don’t rush)  3×15 ES
Leg press : feet close together  3×15
Curtsey lunges 3×15 each side (weighted )
Donkey kick machine 3×20


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