Trackin macros and VSX Haul


I will take any opportunity to talk about pants. I love new pants.
My normal Lululemon hauls halted when I saw some of the fall patterns.
They are hit and miss.   This past weekend I picked up these
Knockout Capris from Victoria’s Secret VSX line.  They have stepped up their game. These are (I’m guessing) the answer to Lulu’s Wunder Unders or Run Crops.  These are GREAT workout pants.  I did a full leg workout, with squats and deads in them with no shifting. The Knockout Capri is $62.50 and it comes in 12 colors/styles.  Whoo hoo. Lulu has so few patterns at once so this is fun.  Oh.. it does have a drawstring at the waist!



I got the matching Incredible Bra too in this pattern . I also bought the green version of this fabric in the front zipper style. I did not like the ‘front zipper’ version at all.  My zipper broke. 😦
This is a tight bra for when you are feeling boobalicious so just get the regular version and squeegle yourself into it.
It comes in so many sizes up to DDD! Great support and looks great under a tank if you are shy.  I prefer VSX bras to Lululemon since I’m ‘enhanced’.
The Energy Bra from Lulu is awesome
for a ‘uniboob’ bra and the TATA-Tamer is a great choice if you don’t mind the matronly look. Tata Tamer is my Plyo only bra. It’s not cute!
VSX is bringing the heat.  Incredible bra is $54 to $63 depending on pattern.

New meal plan success!

I have completed a full 12 days on my brand new macros. I am working with
an IIFYM coach who just took one of my team mates up to the stage still eating what she wanted.  Read that again. She didn’t deplete nor did she starve. She was lean and had a great ‘off’ or grow season and came in better than ever with a win for our team!

We have no actual weight loss goals set even though my post show rebound gave me extra body fat.  I’m feeling fantastic so far.

My show season is next summer so this grow season we are going to add some muscle and I can already see it happening.   My adjustment to eating food I like everyday,  as opposed to just turkey, chicken, fish freaks me out a bit, but I’ve been within 5g of all my macros every single day and I’ve lost 10 pounds.  I had marshmallow fluff this week.  High carb day is the best!


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