IIFYM: IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS super basics 101

You can learn it. You are sooo smart, right!
You can learn it. You are sooo smart, right!

Do you have goals for how you would like your body to look?
Do you find ‘diets’ restrictive?  Do you wish you could figure out how to eat?

Did you know more people would rather learn to do their taxes than learn how to eat to lose weight?  OMG!

Monica is doing active fat loss (cutting) macros. She trains at home. 30 days and she's got abs! BAM
Monica is doing active fat loss (cutting) macros. She trains at home. 30 days and she’s got abs! BAM

Here’s some basics of Flexible dieting or, as was coined in the bodybuilding community, #IIFYM
Also known as Macro Counting or Flex.

What is IIFYM?
The acronym IIFYM  stands for If It Fits Your Macros.

What are macros?
Macros are “macro nutrients”  meaning Carbs, Protein, and Fats.  You ‘ve heard of those.  *Micro nutrients are things like sodium, and fiber.

When you have a specific physique goal, you will need a certain amount of each macro nutrient each day to achieve this goal.  Active fat loss, muscle growth, maintenance will require different macros amounts.

I will help you with your macros!

What can I eat?
IIFYM or Flexible dieting allows you to EAT what you want but you have to hit your macros each day.  You must also hit your micronutrient Fiber so it’s not all Pop Tarts and snack treats.  You will eat well!

How do I count /track my macros?
Tracking macro nutrients is simple because you can download a Macro tracker on your smart phone!  Simply add the food you eat and it gives you a running total of what you have left to eat.

I don’t know what to eat.
Yes, you do. Eat what you like.  Start filling out your tracker and see where you end up.  Need more protein at the end of the day?  Tomorrow, eat more protein. Over your carbs?  Dial them back. You will become a master at macros in a very short time!

How do I know if food has protein, carbs or fats?
You can read the labels on products.  You can also “google” that or use your tracker’s database to find out.


Write me a meal plan. I just like to eat the same thing every day.

No way!!  Most people eat on a static meal plan until they get sick of it and
go into binge mode.  5 meals a day of turkey, chicken or fish is boring!

For health, you need to eat at least 35 different foods per week.
IIFYM allows you to eat “what you want”. Read that again. What you want.
Basically, eat until you hit your macros then stop eating. Why would you want a coach to tell you what to eat when you know already know what you like to eat?

What can I eat?

If it fits....
If it fits….

Q. Can I eat Waffles with butter?
A. If it fits your macros.
Q. Can I drink …..?
A. If it fits your macros.
Q. Can I have movie popcorn?

I don’t know what to eat.
Visit Ripped Recipes and put in your macros counts.  You will get hundreds of recipes and even be able to plan  a whole day.


How do I know what my macros should be to reach my goal?

You can find lots of sites to help you do your own macros, but it is better to find a IIFYM coach or trainer to do them for you.  I will be happy to help you along with it.  Anyone can “do your macros” but the trick is knowing when to adjust them.  I do.  Macro plans begin at $50 and we will be able to tweak as we need to.

Click here I will help you with your macros!

Your macros are set based on many factors and your BFF’s won’t be the same at all!  This is set up for YOU to get the results YOU want. If you train, lift weights, only do cardio, don’t work out, run 10 miles every day, it doesn’t matter.  It’s set up just for YOU.

I eat paleo, clean, no sugar, vegan, diabetic, etc.
Sure thing.  You can eat however you like. Remember.. eat what  YOU want. You will still fill your macros the exact same way no matter what style you prefer.

I don’t want to eat pop tarts like all the girls on Instagram!
I only eat clean food.
Awesome. Pop tarts are not required. Eat what you like.

Well.. I  do eat clean but I can’t lose weight.
I totally hear you, first of all, clean is different to many groups of people.

Meat is NOT clean to vegans.
Grains are NOT clean to Paleo.
Sugar is not clean to ‘clean eaters’ but Paleo loves Maple syrup (sugar).
Sugar is NOT clean to clean eaters who drink dairy (lactose) and eat fruit (fructose).

So, for the sake of ease,  let’s just say clean is ‘non or minimally processed’. 

Watermelons are ‘clean’ but if you eat a whole watermelon, you just ate about 1400 calories and 345 carbs.   It’s “clean”, but that’s a lot of carbs!
With IIFYM, you can adjust the amount of the melon to fit your daily needs so you can still enjoy what you want.  (Pop tart BTW 38 carbs, 5 grams fat 200 calories)

Below are the macros on a healthy salad one of my clients ate every day. The salad isn’t horrible, but it added up so quickly in her macros that she found herself not leaning out.  By adjusting it to “Fit” her macros
for her goals, she can still enjoy the cran/blueberry salad and get the physique she wants.salad

Basically, what’s missing from these meal plans is ‘how much should I eat’. That’s based on YOU, your goals , not a printed diet plan.

If you are ready to start mastering your physique..
Click here I will help you with your macros!


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