Weight loss secrets: You gotta eat to lose weight


My little friend Eddy knows my pain. Eat the food.

If you are going to get lean, lose body fat and get that hot body you say you want, you are going to have to eat
the right foods.  I know it’s been hard for you before because you felt restricted!  Who hasn’t been on the total
Turkey, Chicken, Fish plan?  But now.. you can certainly put that worry to rest because I’m about to tell you
how you can eat what you want and get the physique you want. IIFYM or Flexible Dieting

Flexible Dieting or (If It Fits Your Macros) 

My Sleek Body  program is an immersion program.  I ask my clients to do the miracle mile. They train hard, but the food
is the most important part of my method.  For many people, eating all this food is a shock to the system.
Many clients have dieted so much that they both mentally and physically struggle with the concept of actually eating the food they want in the amount they NEED to.

I’ve seen itI have been a part of the weight loss industry for 33 years. I opened the first and highest grossing Jenny Craig center in St. Louis. I have seen the cream of the crap and the real deal when it comes to weight loss.  I have lived it. I have learned the science behind it and I can get it done with my clients when they listen to me.

But.. I just can’t..

Sometimes I hear the dreaded

“I can’t eat all this food”, or “I don’t know what to eat.”

You see.. a solid fit girl meal plan contains the components to building gorgeous muscle, healthy lean bodies with tight tummies. You need.. protein, carbs fats, fiber and water. You need to eat often to fuel and fuel your body for the workouts you are doing. With Flexible Dieting, you can choose what you want to eat as long as you hit your required macro nutrients.

Start by tracking what you normally eat and then adjust your intake by how far off you are on your macros.
If you are over in fats, re-work your food so you have less.

What about fats??

One of my lovely clients also told me that she dropped the fats from her diet so she would lose more fat.  Well.. here’s the thing about that… you need good fats in your diet to lose weight.  That is science.

Another client said she didn’t think she needed to do the designated ‘re-feed’ carb ups that I asked her to do.  Why not? Because she wanted to lose more weight.  Again… science has shown us that we need controled re-feeds to not only help us not feel deprived but to further fat loss.

Controlled carb ups done exactly as I will tell you (re-feed) during prolonged fat loss can
1. Boost your metabolism
2. Refill glycogen stores to help you workout harder.
3.Help you to not lose muscle
4.Help you to not feel deprived.

In my program, we start with clients by teaching them the very basics of flexible dieting.  It’s a good solid 2 week process for this to click.  The beauty is that, flexible dieting is flexible.  We don’t have to be perfect, we must be consistent.  As we begin to eat the right amounts of food, fueling for our lives, our bodies will transform.  The longer you do it, the easier it gets and the less ridged you need to be.  You can eat out, you can enjoy events without dragging tupperware around!  WOW.

You can do the food.  I can help you!!  Start now!!

You can get a meal plan for as little as $50! I will help you learn and be successful, even if you are not working out in my gym!!

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