Get Lean: Top secrets for smart people.

Everyone wants it to be easy. They want it now. Time and time again I get asked the secrets to getting lean.
Here you go!

1. Eat according to your goals.

What do you want?
What do you want?

Have you decided what you want?  Active fat loss, getting leaner but adding muscle?
Eat according to your goals.  You can still eat well, even on fat loss!

I can help you get your meal plan right!

I know… Everyone has YOLO’d their  way into a food coma, but if you aren’t eating on your plan, get back in check.
Consistency with the right foods will keep you lean and tight. If you are eating for your physique goals
you can enjoy all kinds of foods!

2. Pick up heavy weights

Lift heavy. LIFT!
Lift heavy. LIFT!

Muscle is the fountain of youth. Lift heavy weights at least
3 x a week to increase your metabolism!

3. Stop fretting over being too bulky.
Be fearless!

My client got this booty by eating lots of yummy carbs.
My client got this booty by eating lots of yummy carbs.

Do you know how hard it is to gain muscle?  Women cannot just put on slabs of muscle
and getting bulky is an unnecessary worry. Lifting heavy will create some beautiful curves
and lean tight bodies. My client, Liz worked on that Peachy Booty for 7 months. She ate
over 300 g carbs per day! She was fearless!  She’s very lean because she’s lifting very heavy!
She does no cardio.

4. Stop being a cardio bunny

cardio alone did not build this body!
cardio alone did not build this body!

Fact: Long duration cardio makes you mushy as you use your precious muscle for fuel.
Unless you are an endurance athlete, add some high intensity intervals into your weekly workout
2-3 times. It’s good for your heart.  Want to be tiny and tight with sleek, sexy abs?  Focus on lifting heavy
like Amanda Latona!

5. Trust the Process 

Trust the process. Don't give up
Trust the process. Don’t give up

Rome wasn’t built in a day. You can be successful if you are willing to
trust the process.  Fat loss or body  re-compostion is not linear.
It takes time. Giving up too soon because you want instant results
is self sabotage.  Start by taking weekly selfies to chart your progress.
Keep your  motivation up by taking daily successes.  Completing workouts,
hitting your macros, are all successes that ensure the physique you want.

6. Be good to yourself.

Never give .up
Never give .up

Your worth is NOT determined by your physique.
You can try your hardest, so what if you have a mistep.  Just keep pushing onward.
Never, ever give up!!!

Do you need help with your workouts or meal plans?
I can help!!  Contact me here
I can help you get your meal plan right!

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